AUG license I Germany

We are happy to announce that our AUG License (The Arbeitnehmeruberlassungsgesetz), that allows White November to transfer our employees to work temporarily with another company in Germany, was renewed!

What AUG actually is?

In Germany, the provision of temporary personnel is strictly regulated by the German Law on Labour Leasing Act (AÜG). The principle is straightforward: the agency is the employer and supplies the temporary employees to the hirer.

WNIC has held the AüG license since 2015. Our license is being administered by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit in Düsseldorf. AUG license is very important for an employer in order to send workers/contractors over to Germany to carry out services for a German end user. Therefore the employer requires an AUG licence. It is actually a labour leasing licence that allows the employer to lease labour (workers) to the end user without the end user becoming the employer. For more information click here.


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