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Our International Contracting Story

White November Group and its sister companies have been in operation for over a decade. White November is a management consultancy specialising in bespoke corporate and tax efficient solutions for high net worth individuals and small companies. In 2011, White November was approached by a group of specialist contractors whom were based in Scandinavia for a global oil and gas entity. These contractors were high earners and felt uncomfortable with the nature of solutions being offered by traditional umbrella companies both in terms of compliance and reputations. This same group of contractors approached WN with a mandate to provide a bespoke solution that allowed them to work in Scandinavia in a tax compliant and fully insured manner, while optimising their retention of remuneration. It was out of this mandate that our Partnership Solution was created.

In servicing these contractors our researched showed that the European Contracting industry was poorly serviced. Many competitors were offering opaque solutions which were not tax compliant for the contractors and reputationally risky for agencies and end clients. We noticed a market gap for a high end provider to provide compliant solutions that are tax efficient and offer long term orientated options and strategies to contractors. Following much demand and success, White November’s International Contracting (WNIC) became a permanent division within the group.

While initially only serving the top 5% of earners within the Scandinavian contracting market, WNIC has expanded to provide solutions in ten European jurisdictions and now offers both solutions for contractors at all levels of remuneration.

WNIC has been providing compliant payroll and employment solutions to the contracting market since 2012.

Where we operate

White November International Contracting head office is based in Malta, which has many advantages – not just the weather! Malta is a member of the EU and the Commonwealth with political, financial, and social stability. Malta has an extremely attractive tax refund system approved by the EU. Local company, financial, and tax legislation are founded on UK law.



From our head office in Malta, we are currently registered as employers and operate our solutions across the following countries within the EU/EEA:

Being registered in each country means that we can directly employ and subcontract within each jurisdiction, while remaining fully compliant for local taxation and reporting on behalf of our employees or sub-contractors within each jurisdiction.

Regulated and licensed

White November is a regulated and licensed Corporate Services Provider subject to ongoing monitoring, supervision and audit by the Financial Services Authority. We have in house legal, tax, accounting and corporate structuring specialists who constantly monitor, adapt and improve our solutions in order to remain compliant.


All our solutions are transparent and all our entities are externally audited on an annual basis. Furthermore, in all our key jurisdictions we reach out to top independent legal and tax advisors and ask them to produce an unbiased opinion on the compliancy of our solution. We make these reports and letters freely available to agencies and end clients to add comfort. We do not use any offshore structures or operate any trust structures within our International Contracting solutions.


Our employment solutions are wholly European based and European tax compliance. Contractors are always pay-rolled locally within the county in which they are contracted. White November does not participate or permit tax evasion. We work by using the best of EU compliant structures against local.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Malta office or submit a request online.


We take care of all of your business, accountancy, and tax related requirements with our fully complaint solutions, so you can focus on your career.

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End Clients

We take the stress of payroll and contractor management away from our End Clients through our wholly compliant employment and payroll services.

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Recruitment Agencies

WNIC have partnered with many recruitment agencies across Europe who take advantage of our fully complaint workforce, and our employment and payroll services.

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