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Belgian Social Security

Since Belgium has a very extensive social security system, foreigners are also entitled to certain allowances and to social services. However, such benefits applied to foreigners are strictly dependent on the conditions under which you are resident of Belgium.

Such entitlements also depend on your personal situation. It also varies according to your nationality and employment status (salaried worker, self-employed, on secondment, retired, etc.).

In order to find out what you are entitled to under the Belgian social security system, use Coming2belgium. This is a special online tool developed by the social security institutions.

Learn more about entitlements under the Belgian social security system and international agreements between Belgium and other countries.

Social security system

As in most countries, the Belgian social security system is based on the payment of social contributions on your income from work. Such social contributions serve to finance the social security system.

Each month your employer has to pay between 30 and 40% on top of your salary into the social security fund. In addition, the employee also pays a proportion of his gross salary in social security contributions.

Employer Social Security as of 2017 is 30% only for White Collars workers. Further dropping to 25% after 1.1.2018 due to the Tax Shift Act.

Employee Social Security is 13.07% of gross salary (2017/2018) and includes proportionally the below:

  • Unemployment insurance 0.87%
  • Medical care 3.55%
  • Pension contribution 7.5%
  • Invalidity benefits fund 1.15%

The self-employed can also claim social security; therefore they pay a social contribution. Additionally, this kind of contribution is a lower percentage than the joint contribution of employers and employees, but gives fewer rights.

There are also supplementary support systems, which are not paid on the basis of contributions made. They are financed with government resources. In order to receive such forms of support you have to meet strict legal conditions. Please keep in mind that foreigners cannot always claim Social Security and support to the same extent as Belgians.

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Contracting in Belgium
 Capital  Brussels
 Population  Approx. 11.3 million
 Language  Dutch, French, German
 Currency 1 Euro (EUR) = 100 cents
 Government  Federal Parliamentary Democracy under a Constitutional Monarchy