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Danish Work Permit

In general, work permits are required if you want to work or study in Denmark. Denmark which is part of the European Union encourages immigration of skilled workers from around the world who have skills in short supply.  Denmark has a work visa system called the Positive List scheme to help fill skill shortages, and the Pay Limit Scheme for people who have a valid job offer from a Danish employer.

How to apply for residence/work permits and what documentation is required

Information about the rules governing residence and/or work permits for Denmark and about the necessary documentation to be handed in together with your application can be found on the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

Before submitting the application, you or your employer must create a Case Order ID and must normally pay a fee. The Case Order ID must be stated in the application. The fee is actually a case processing fee. This means that the fee covers the processing of your application and will not be refunded if the application is processed – regardless of whether you are granted a permit or your application is turned down because you do not meet the requirements. Similarly, the fee will not be refunded while your application withdrawing.

It is important to make sure that the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration receives the correct amount as a s an incorrect fee will delay the application process and in some cases, your permit may be rejected/

In connection with applying for a residence and work permit (or applying for an extension), biometric features (facial image and fingerprints) will be recorded and stored on a chip on a residence card. In case of failing to have your biometric features recorded, the application will be rejected as well and not processed.

You must always bring your passport or other travel documents when submitting an application for a residence/work permit in addition to any other required documentation.

If you submit your application at an outsourcing agency which receives applications on behalf of a Danish diplomatic mission, you must hand in your passport (or other travel documents), so the outsourcing agency can have them verified at the Danish diplomatic mission. Furthermore, you should bring copies of all pages of your passport. If you do not, the outsourcing agency will charge a fee for copying your passport.

Application form

When applying for a residence permit as an employee, both applicant and his/her employer in Denmark (e.g. the company, research institute, or sports club) must supply information for the processing of your application. The easiest and quickest way for all involved is to apply online.

Online application with power of attorney

If you give your employer in Denmark a power of attorney along with the required information and documentation, your employer can complete the entire application and submit it. In this case, your employer should use application form AR6 and for extensions, AR7 should be used, which both only exist in an online version. It is also possible to give a power of attorney to an outsourcing agency which will then handle the entire application process.

The application itself must be completed and submitted no later than 30 days after an employer began filling it.

Online application without power of attorney

If an employer in Denmark does not have a power of attorney to submit the application, the employee can begin the application process by logging onto the AR1 online by using a NemID, the employer completes part 1 of the form, attaches the required documentation and signs the application with his/her NemID.

Employer will receive a reference number and an access code to part 2 of the form, which he/she will give to the applicant in order to log on and complete part 2, pay the fee, attach the required documentation and state the Case Order ID. The Case Order ID is used to digitally connect your application with the paid fee. After that it is necessary to sign the application using a NemID (to get a NemID you must have a Danish CPR number, that is, a social security number given to residents of Denmark) or by using a scanned copy of your signature on a print-out of the declarations in the application form. Finally, submission the entire application is possible and for extensions, AR3 should be used.

Where to apply for residence/work permits

For information about where to apply for residence and work permit to Denmark, please see ‘Where to apply’. The website of the Danish Immigration Service has information about the supporting documentation required for residence/work permit applications. Further details are available by clicking here: how to apply for a work permit in Denmark.

Contracting in Denmark
 Capital  Copenhagen
 Population  Approx. 5.6 million
 Language  Danish
 Currency  1 Krone (DKK) = 100 ore, 1DKK = 0.13
 Government  Constitutional Monarchy

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