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French Work Permit

Different types of French permits for working

There are different types of residence permit, each one with its own requirements, length of validity and conditions, for specific work or types of worker. Some permits provide exemption from other general requirements for migrants coming to live in France, for example, the requirement for migrants to sign the Contrat d’Accueil et d’Intégration (CAI). This contract aims to help migrants integrate into French society. By signing it, the French government agrees to offer training courses and the migrant agrees to take part in them.

‘Skill and talents’ permit

If you are an executive, independent professional or employee who, in the eyes of the French authorities, has the potential to make a ‘significant contribution’ to the French economy, especially in intellectual, scientific, cultural, sporting or humanitarian fields, and you’ll be involved in a specific project, then you can apply for a three-year, renewable, ‘skills and expertise’ residence permit (la carte ‘compétences et talents’). With regard to requirements: a  documentation, including a detailed CV/resume, information about the work you’ll be involved with, and evidence of sufficient funding needs to be provided, meet other criteria as set out by the Commission Nationale des Competences et Talents and show a contract approved by the DIRECCTE (if an employee, it should be arranged by your employer).

‘Employed’ or ‘salaried’ and temporary workers’ permit

After 18 months in a long-stay residence permit marked ‘employee’ or ‘temporary worker’, It is allowed to bring visa holder`s family to France and spouse and minor children can apply for a one-year ‘visitor’ visa (without being able to work during this time), and must sign the CAI. For further details, click here.

EU Blue Card for highly skilled/educated workers

This is a one- to three-year residence/work permit for highly skilled workers with following requirements – having a diploma/degree attesting to three years of higher education or five years’ professional experience in a specific field, a work contract for at least a year, and earn a monthly salary of at least 1.5 times the French average gross annual salary (around EUR 2,105/month). Holder has to work in the field for which you were admitted to the scheme for two years. After that it is possible to take on any highly qualified work.

Employees on assignment (sometimes called ‘expatriate employee’) permit

In case of working for at least three months in a company outside France and are seconded to one of employer’s companies based in France or another company in the same group, and will be earning 1.5 times the minimum wage (around EUR 2,105/month), then you are eligible to apply for this permit, which is valid for three years and then renewable.

Applicant`s spouse can join you on this permit but is not allowed to work until he or she has been in France for six months and has been granted a vie privée et familiale permit. In case of and applicants being a senior manager, then you can get a version of the permit that allows your family to come with you at the outset, and for your spouse to work. Neither you or spouse has to sign the CAI in either case.

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Contracting in France
 Capital  Paris
 Population  Approx. 67 million
 Language  French
 Currency  1 Euro (EUR) = 100 cents
 Government  Semi-presidential republic