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Luxembourg Social Security

How does the social security system work?

In general, Luxembourg’s social security system is made up of the following schemes: illness, long-term care insurance, maternity, work-related accidents or illnesses, pension, family benefits, disability, survivor’s insurance, unemployment, early retirement, guaranteed minimum income.

Social security is managed by public institutions run by the social partners. The conception and supervision in the area of social security are delegated to the Ministry of Social Security and the Inspectorate General of the Social Security.

The contributions are paid to the Joint Social Security Centre and the social security system is financed by the contributions of the insured and the public authorities.

Health insurance funds

Since 1 January 2009, the following health insurance funds exist in Luxembourg. Firstly, a health insurance fund for the private sector, the National Health Fund (Caisse nationale de santé, CNS) and secondly three health insurance funds for the public sector as follows:

  • the Health Insurance Fund for Communal Civil Servants and Employees (Caisse de maladie des fonctionnaires et employés communaux, CMFEC);
  • the Health Insurance Fund for Civil Servants and Public Employees (Caisse de maladie des fonctionnaires et employés publics, CMFEP);
  • the Medical Aid Fund of Luxembourg’s National Railway Company (Société nationale des chemins de fer luxembourgeois.

On 1 of January 2009, the National Health Fund took over the activities of the Health Fund Union and of the following 6 health insurance funds in the private sector: the Workers’ Health Insurance Fund, the Health Insurance Fund for ARBED Employees, the Health Insurance Fund for Employees in the Private Sector, the Health Insurance Fund for ARBED Workers, the Health Insurance Fund for the Self-Employed and the Agricultural Health Insurance Fund.

For those, who are insured in the private sector, the National Health Fund is the common representative in terms benefits for health and maternity insurance and for dependency insurance.

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Contracting in Luxembourg
 Capital  Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
 Population  0.56 million
 Language  Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch)
 Currency  1 Euro (EUR) = 100 cents
 Government  Constitutional Monarchy under a system of Parliamentary Democracy