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Contracting in Norway

Are you planning to be contracting in Norway? These pages will give you an overview about Norway as a country, what’s required of you to be contracting in Norway, how to apply for Visa and Work Permit if necessary, the percentage of the Norwegian Income Tax and how the Norwegian Social Security works. For more practical information, download our guide Start Contracting in Norway or our International Contracting Guide

About Norway

Norway is in the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula and extends about 1,100 miles (1,770 km) from the North Sea along the Norwegian Sea to more than 300 miles (483 km) above the Arctic Circle, the farthest north of any European country. Kingdom of Norway, whose dominion includes the Arctic islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen, is partitioned by mountains and has a fjord-gashed shoreline that exceeds 21,000 kilometers (13,050 miles). Almost 70% of Norway is uninhabitable and covered by mountains, glaciers, moors, and rivers. Furthermore, there are hundreds of deep fjords that cut into the coastline that give Norway an overall oceanfront. Galdhø Peak (2,469 m) is the highest point and the Glåma (Glomma) is the principal river, at 598 km long. In this country, there live about 30,000 Sami, or Lapps—the largest population of the Arctic reindeer herders.

Ever since Vikings left home waters in the ninth century, Norway has drawn strength from the sea. Nowadays its merchant and oil-tanker fleets are among the world’s largest, and its fishing flotilla lands Western Europe’s biggest catch.

Wealth from oil and gas in the North Sea, first tapped in the early 1970s, subsidizes public health and welfare programs. Although recession required austerity in the 1980s, since then Norway has enjoyed a higher economic growth rate than many other European countries. In 2002 Norway was the world’s third largest oil exporter.

Despite the fact, that Norway is a member of NATO, the UN, and the European Free Trade Association, it voted against joining the European Union in 1994, which member has Norway never became.

Byggekort – Construction ID Card

Every contractor working at a building or construction site regardless if they are Norwegian or Foreign must have a Construction ID Card. This compulsory requirement is to identify who you are and who you work for.

White November International Contracting will obtain this card for you at no expense. We require the following documents from you:

  • Passport sized photograph (scanned to us) must be no older than three years and must have a white back ground.
  • Your signature on a white piece of paper or confirmation we can take your signature from your contract.

How to start contracting in Norway?

Get more information about work requirements, work permit, Income tax, Norwegian Visa and Social Security in Norway.

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Contracting in Norway
Contracting in Norway
 Capital  Oslo
 Population  Approx. 5.2 million
 Language  Norwegian
 Currency 1 Krone (NOK9 = 100 ore)
 Government  Constitutional monarchy