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 Byggekort – HSE card

Since 1.1.2008, a new regulation entered into force concerning Byggekort (HSE card) at construction industry and cleaning services in Norway. Generally speaking, everyone working on construction sites or in cleaning services in Norway must have this special identity card. In Norway the HSE card is called HMS-kort, byggekort, bygg-ID or grönt kort.

To whom Byggekort (HSE card) applies?

An HSE card Byggekort applies to both Norwegian and foreign employees in full and part-time positions, on short or long-term contracts and to self-employed persons. The ID card requirement also applies to people who carry out support functions when they are permanently established within the construction area or cleaning services.

Why is  Byggekort (HSE card) required?

The main purpose of this system is basically to identify the employee and also who the employing enterprise is. Additionally, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that all its employees have such ID cards. Please note, that self-employed persons have to obtain ID cards themselves.

Details required for  Byggekort (HSE card) for Construction industry

As already mentioned both Norwegian and foreign employees performing at building and construction sites are required to provide their employees with HSE cards. This also applies to foreign employees employed by foreign companies working at building and construction sites in Norway.

Regarding one-man enterprises, including those which operate on their own, are supposed to obtain HSE cards. The same applies to undertakings, for example skilled tradesmen, who only provide services to the consumer and also to skilled tradesmen in connection with building of or improvements to houses or holiday cabins and private individuals. Persons transporting goods to building and construction sites also need to get the HSE cards, especially if that transport takes place on a regular basis.

Please note, that in case of undertakings which employ you from time to time, but also take on construction assignments for other undertakings or for your own undertaking, you are supposed to have an HSE card for each undertaking.

What is meant by ‘building and construction site’

“The requirement regarding HSE cards applies to all building, construction and assembly work carried out during the building and construction period (see section 2 b of the Construction Client Regulations). This includes:

  • construction of buildings
  • outfitting and installation work
  • assembly and dismantling of prefabricated elements
  • demolition, alteration*and restoration work
  • redevelopment and maintenance
  • general construction work, for example tunnels and bridges
  • digging, blasting and other foundation work
  • other work carried out in connection with building and construction activities, for example in temporary workshops for maintenance of machinery used on a building or construction site

* Existing buildings

The requirement regarding HSE cards also applies to rehabilitation (alteration) of existing buildings. This applies, among other things, to installation of electrical wiring, escalators, air conditioning systems, lifts, etc. which are an integral part of the building. Replacement and maintenance of production plant or industrial machinery is not building and construction work. Personnel engaged in such activities do not require HSE cards.” Source

Who is not required to have the Byggekort in the Construction industry?

The HSE card obligation does not apply to fixed/permanent undertakings that perform building and construction work.  In other words, this does not apply to shipyards or to factories for production of prefabricated houses. Furthermore, no Byggekort is required for snow clearance on roads outside building and construction sites.

Details required for Byggekort (HSE card) for Cleaning services

Please note that all cleaners are required to carry Byggekort (HSE cards) at work. Generally, all companies, both Norwegian and foreign, that fully or even partly provide cleaning services, have to provide all employees performing cleaning work with an  Byggekort (HSE card) .

This also applies to one-man enterprises (sole proprietorships with no employees). Moreover, even companies which hire out employees for cleaning work are also required to provide their workers with Byggekort (HSE cards).

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