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Norwegian Social Security

Along with direct and indirect taxes, employees in Norway also have to make a monthly payment to the social security system, which finances public hospitals, medical treatment and various social benefits.

Any person working in Norway is obliged to pay a national insurance contribution, which amounts to 8.2% of their wage depending on income and activity. This is paid together with tax – i.e. it is deducted from your wage.

However, if you submit an E101 form from the social security service in your home country, you do not need to pay social security in Norway and will continue paying it in your home country.

Employers must also pay a contribution to the social security system for each employee and employers must submit a tax report on their employees’ salaries (and any other remuneration for work) to the Norwegian tax authorities, which is up to 14.1%.

The total Social security contribution amounts to 22.3% (14.1% employer and 8.2% employee) as a sum of employer and employee contributions.

National Insurance Scheme membership

When you work and pay tax, you are an obligatory member of the national insurance scheme. It is your employer who is responsible for your membership of the national insurance scheme. You do not become a member if you work temporarily for your foreign employer in Norway.

Benefits that may apply to you

When you are an obligatory member of the national insurance scheme, you ordinarily have the right to health services and benefits from NAV.

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Contracting in Norway
Contracting in Norway
 Capital  Oslo
 Population  Approx. 5.2 million
 Language  Norwegian
 Currency 1 Krone (NOK9 = 100 ore)
 Government  Constitutional monarchy