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From 1st January 2016, the ID06 is required for people working in the construction industry in Sweden.  This requirement was enforced to reduce undeclared labour and promote fair competition throughout the industry.

What is the ID06 card (ID06-kort)?

The ID06 is an electronic registration system for all workers working at construction sites. It is a compulsory proof of identity and attendance for those working at building sites in Sweden.  This system of identification deters undeclared work and corruption. Anyone present at a building site is supposed to register when entering and leaving the construction site, which should also be verified by the Swedish tax authorities.

What actually holding ID06 card (ID06-kort) means?

Per, the ID06 means the following:

  • “subcontractors and suppliers are obliged to provide to the general contractor or turnkey contractor in advance in writing, the names and civic registration numbers of the persons who shall have the right to be present on the building site,
  • everyone on the building site is obliged to be able to show a valid ID,
  • everyone on the building site is obliged to wear a visible identity badge or authorisation card,
  • the general contractor or turnkey contractor is obliged to keep a daily list of everyone present (personnel register) on the building site. The daily list of those present shall be kept for two years and kept available for possible inspection by the Swedish Tax Agency,
  • the general contractor or turnkey contractor has the right to refuse entry to those persons who have not been pre-registered or do not have an ID,
  • the general contractor or turnkey contractor has the right to demand a penalty of SEK 500 per person and day from the employer involved, if employees of the subcontractor or supplier cannot show an ID or do not have a visible identity badge,
  • the contractor or supplier is obliged to cite ID06 in agreements with any subcontractor.”


What are the compulsory information on ID06?

The compulsory information are Company name, Company’s corporate registration number, photo of the cardholder, his/her name and surname, period of validity, ID06 logo type and Card number.

What should you remember to do if you are working at an “ID6 workplace”?

If you work at the site:

  • be pre-enlisted there by your employer,
  • always carry your ID06 card and keep it in a secure place,
  • have a legitimate ID with you, if the unofficial ID does not qualify as a substantial ID.

When you land at an “ID06 workplace” you should report your entry at the assigned “Reporting site ID06”. There might be a few announcing destinations at larger work environments. Unless indicated, you should report at the announcing site nearest to your workplace. When you leave an “ID06 workplace” you should report the process of your departure. You report your leaving at the same site you registered at.

What information will be recorded when I report?

The following information is the standard information that is retained on file:

  • name with civic registration number
  • your company you are working at
  • the corporate identity number of your employer
  • the time at which you enter and leave

The information above is retained for two years and is available for tax authorities should they wish to refer to during this period. This information is also important in case of an accident or an evacuation exercise to ensure that you are safe.

White November International Contracting obtains ID06 card for you

We require passport sized photograph (scanned to us) must be no older than three years and must have a white back ground.

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