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Swedish Work Requirements

In order to work in Sweden, non EU/EEA citizens require a work permit. Once a permit is granted, it must be entered into the citizens’ passport before arrival into Sweden. In general, special rules apply for EU/EEA citizens, their relatives and long-term residents in the EU and they can work without.

What is required for a work permit for Non EU/EEA citizen

In order to be able to work in Sweden, an offer of employment from an employer in Sweden is required as the first requirement. Additionally, an Employer has to have advertised the job vacancy in Sweden. The terms of employment made by the Employer have to be equivalent to the Swedish collective agreement and/or have customary terms relating to the occupation or industry. All above mentioned requirements should be proved and presented to the Migration Agency.

Where to apply for a residence and work permit?

Generally, people who want to work in Sweden must apply for a residence and work permit in the country of origin or another country outside Sweden in which they reside.

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Contracting in Sweden
Contracting in Sweden
 Capital  Stockholm
 Population  Approx.9.9 million
 Language  Swedish
 Currency  1 Krona (SEK) = 100 öre, 1 SEK = 0.1 €
 Government  Constitutional monarchy and Parliamentary democracy