We aim to pay you by a direct transfer to your chosen bank/s within 24 hours of cleared funds from your agency but never more than 48 hours (allowances for Bank Holiday’s and compulsory public Holiday’s).

Once we receive payment from your Agency, we execute payments to you and aim to make all payments within 24 working hours of receipt of funds.

We will follow the terms that have been agreed with your Agency.

Yes.  You will receive monthly payslips and statements.


Yes.  You will have an employment contract that ensures you are supported throughout your project and ensures your local Tax and Social contributions are met.

Compliance is the single most important aspect of any employment solution.

  • To ensure that when working in your country of assignment you do so legally by adhering to all the local laws attaining to tax and social security obligations.
  • Stringent contracts are set in place with Agencies to ensure all local regulations are met.
  • Registration in each country ensures a definitive presence as an employer.


This is mostly considered as a route for complete Tax evasion and as such, most reputable agencies will not accept invoices from companies in an off-shore jurisdiction or in places otherwise referred to as tax-havens.


You will submit an authorised Timesheet to White November as well as your Agency.

Normally you send your timesheets to the Agency who in turn forward to us for processing. Any other arrangements can be clarified by your White November Consultant. It is advisable to copy in your agency and White November.

You will submit an authorised Timesheet per your agreement with your Agency i.e Monthly

As soon as you submit an authorised timesheet to us, White November raise an invoice to your Agency within 24 hours.


In most cases it is your responsibility to present yourself to the local Tax office and register as soon as possible upon arrival of the country of your work.  Once registered you will receive a Tax card or equivilant number that must be forwarded to us in order for us to assign the correct amount of tax and social security contributions. Your White November Team will guide you through this process.

In some countries, failure to register will result in an ‘emergency tax code’. An emergency tax code is a code that your employer uses on a special basis until the Tax office has enough information about your income to enable them to send to you your correct code. This can be up to 50%.

So it is within your best interest to register as a priority. You will eventually of course receive this over paid tax back but directly from the Tax authorities concerned in your specific country.

Yes.  They are often calculated separately and in almost all cases are compulsory. Your White November Consultant can provide a personal bespoke breakdown which clearly defines your obligations in relation to this.

Yes, White November will pay all the required taxes and social secuity contributions in Country of work.

Regardless as to whether you are from outside the EU, the required Tax contributions need to be paid in Country of work.

White November will declare in Country and pay the required social security to the relevant Authorities on your behalf.


White November are providing services from all disciplines to clients in sectors relating to Radio and Telecommunications, Gas and Oil, Aviation and Aeronautic, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies to mention our core services but not limited.

Your end client will only require you for a fixed contract length or for an agreed project.  Either way they will not wish to engage a full employment relationship and the same will apply for your agency.

It is at this stage that you seek the support from a professional company that will ensure that you can operate in your chosen jurisdiction in a compliant manner and ensure that all applicable taxes and social security obligations are met whilst retaining as much as you can from your contract.

As your employer, White November will take care of all your Tax and Social Security responsibilities and will ensure you maximise your take-home pay whilst remaining compliant.

We know that every contractor is different and this is why White November are on hand to solve all your contract management needs and offer tailor made bespoke solutions that fit around you and your contract. To begin with, we will need to prepare a personalised earnings projection. To get a call back and a projection of your earnings, click here.

Yes.  You will have initial contact with a Specialist Consultant and then all further enquiries can be sent to the Compliance and Client Management Department on sic@whitenovember.com and + 356 2010 6000.


White November benefits from providing many years of tax solutions and corporate services across Europe and as part of International Contracting Employment you will have access to all the resources and products offered throughout the entire company.

As you pay tax through your Limited company, you will be remitting tax in your home country, but not in the country where you are working. Therefore, although your tax correspondence at home may seem in order, under this type of arrangement, a tax liability will build up in the country of work. In most countries, there exists a chain law which means that the tax liability can be passed on to the client you are working for. For this very reason, many reputable agencies will insist that independent contractors are represented by an approved company such as White November.

Business Entity tests have been devised throughout many countries similar to that of the IR35 at the HMRC in Great Britain and are more common place than ever before.  The idea is to deem if the said company meet’s the Tax Office’s definition of ‘self-employment’

In most cases it seems that individual’s do not meet these criteria and therefore should seek another route of employment. White November can provide employment, with full support and contracts and maximise your take-home pay.

Also, in most countries practically all legitimate agencies have an obligation to deal with only locally registered companies.

Generally speaking, when you start work in a new country you are liable for tax from day one.  The term “non-tax resident” in most countries will mean that for the first 183 days of work you are taxed only on your locally sourced income.  Once you have stepped over the 183 days and in some cases this can be in just one tax year or cumulative over 2 tax years, your status then changes to “tax resident”.  This then means you become potentially liable for tax on your worldwide income, again depending on your country of domicile, this will vary. Once you have the status of “no tax resident” it does not mean that you can work without paying tax, unless you are specifically working in a country that has a zero tax status.

The Tax- residency and rules are quite complex and our Specialist Consultants are on hand to advise you further on this.

There are many definitions, who exactly a contractor is. Basically, contractor is a person, who undertakes a contract in order to provide labour or materials to perform a service or o a job.

An umbrella company is a kind of business which provides the specialist services of its employees to end-user clients, usually via recruitment agencies, on a short term assignment basis. It can be considered as another alternative to setting up an own limited company. The difference it just that umbrella company serves an intermediary among the contractor and a client with particular responsibilities such as organise payment for the work.  These kind of companies’ employees usually have specialist skills and experience that are desirable to any business with project based work or with a requirement to scale up and down quickly.

How much can I actually earn by joining White November? This depends on a number of factors such as the location of the project, the type of job position that you will hold as well as the individual taxes in the Country where your contract will be taking place. However we are pleased to provide the WNIC earnings calculator which will give you a projection of how your earnings will look like when joining WNIC.

Please note, that percentages provided are ‘circa’ figures and whilst every effort is made to ensure the breakdown is correct, the final figures may vary depending on your personal factors which are unknown to us.

Calculate your Gross Income, Net Income and Retention rate here. Contact us for an exact calculation.

The salary always depends on the country of residence, country of project, taxes etc. Calculate your Gross Income, Net Income and Retention rate here. Contact us for an exact calculation.