The Importance of being registered for Tax

It is a daunting prospect when working in a new country with new surroundings and most probably a different language. Registering yourself for tax would seem a long and complicated process. Fortunately, most European countries have tax offices usually centrally located that are equipped to facilitate foreign workers registering for tax thus making the procedure relatively stress free.

Consequences of not correct registration

By not register correctly for tax you may find yourself subjected to costly penalties and/ or emergency tax, which can be up to 50% in many of the Nordic jurisdictions. While usually these can be refunded by submitting a correct information or via the tax return, it is however obviously most beneficial to you to apply for your tax number as soon as you arrive in the country of your project.  As your employer we will you with the necessary details and document to assist with registration. Furthermore, if you haven’t registered yourself for tax you may not be entitled to health and social care benefits such as medical care, holidays, sick leave and other social benefits depending which country of your contract. For example, if you were to unexpectedly fall ill you would not be entitled to receive free healthcare.

Strict timeframes for registration

It is worth noting that many countries have strict timeframes to adhere to when registering for tax. The Netherlands for example will require to you to register within 5 days and will require a signed rental agreement and a valid ID. Moreover most Nordic countries require a valid ID and signed employment contract. Should you run into difficulties with local tax registration, our team are always happy to assist. In many countries we have local staff who can liaise with the authorities on your behalf.

How can White November help you?

As your partner in the contracting journey, we are committed guide you through this process  and ensure you are fully registered and compliant with tax authorities throughout your contracting career.


Emily Cox
Support officer

Emily Cox is a support officer dealing with contractors working in Europe.