Meet Maela Wiemann

Hi, I am Maela, an 18 year old girl from Germany who did a one month internship in Malta with three other classmates. Our school specialises in economics and we are in a course that is associated with the European Union. Therefore, we were given the opportunity to do our internship in a European country of our choice. We arrived on the 19th March and returned to Germany on the 16th April. My classmate Michael and I were quite excited to do our internship at White November.

What is your experience with White November?

When we arrived, the Company arranged everything for us and we were warmly welcomed. First of all, we were introduced to everyone, given our own company notebooks, e-mail addresses and we were introduced to the main core of the business of White November International Contracting.

The first few days I spent filing so I could get to know the system, the programs and where documents were located. That gave me a good background on the Company which was important for the coming weeks.

In the second week, I was placed in the Marketing department. That was quite interesting in my opinion, as I could create, or more like review, a referral program. I was also finding out, who the buying persona was, for example, where most of the clients work and where they come from etc.

The last two weeks I stayed in the Finance department and did a shortfall analysis on credits. I was collecting important data from the server, comparing the data, analysing the time of payment and tried to find good recommendations. All my colleagues were pleasant and helpful. I believe we were very lucky to have our internship with White November.


What places did you visit during your free time?

We visited some beautiful places during our free time. We visited Malta’s sister islands, Gozo and Comino which were both lovely. However, I preferred Comino because of the beautiful view it had of the other islands and the nature. In particular, the Blue Lagoon in Comino was  my favourite place to visit.


Can you sum your  1 month Malta up?

The internship passed very fast. Although I was happy to go back home, I wish I could have spent more time at White November and in Malta.All in all, I would say I had a great time and the experience was fantastic.  Malta was a perfect choice for this internship.  I gained new skills and knowledge. If I were given this opportunity a second time, I would definitely do it again, but maybe in another country as I would like to experience different cultures.

Maela Wiemann
Maela Wiemann
Accountant Intern