Meet Max, one of our contractors

Here at White November, we know that each contractor has a different story as to why they chose to become a contractor. We know that majority of them do so as it offers them the flexibility and the control over the type of work they do and how they do it. We have a range of contractors that chose to work with White November. Therefore we are presenting you a life story of Max, our contractor working currently in Sweden. Please meet our contractor Max. 

Max, IT consultant contracting in Sweden

Max is 45 years old, born and raised in Sweden. He had worked all over the country specialising in Internet-working, (WAN and LAN technologies) IT security as well as Business process improvement.

Contracting Job Offer

12 months ago, Max was offered an attractive proposition to enter the world of contracting in Sweden. Having always worked in a permanent work environment, the offer was very attractive as it would allow him to use his knowledge and specialities in a different way. Max had also recently become a father for a second time. With an addition to his young family, the appeal of a contracting role was certainly attractive due to the generous rates it was offering


From Permanent Job to Contracting

Entering the world of contracting can have its challenges and Max was concerned about the impact contracting would have on him especially having been so used to working on a permanent basis. Issues such as taking holidays, should he become poorly were some of the concerns that Max had. The biggest concern was tax compliancy as he would need to be responsible for paying his own taxes. This was an area he had never got involved in.

WNIC solution

WNIC wanted to create a simple and streamlined process for Max, however in his case, he needed comfort on a number of areas such as having a safety net of regular income and whether he could still claim some of the paternity benefits should he decide to expand his family. Most importantly, he needed additional comfort on how could he work compliantly from a tax perspective.

A specialist relationship manager was able to spend time providing a consultation to review his personal situation and help recommend the best type of payroll to suit his needs. Max chose the WNIC partnership option as it provided him with the flexibility that he needed and he felt it was the most compliant solution for him.  Max then took the plunge and joined WNIC. He has been with us for over 6 months. There is a huge possibility that his contract will be extended!

As well as increased earnings and the variety/flexibility of work, Max can rest easy knowing that he is on the most flexible, compliant and most rewarding option based on his needs. Read more about who actually a Contractor is, the difference between Contractor and Permanent Employee   and also Pros and Cons of Contracting.

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Sandi Piper
Sandi Piper
Head of International Contracting