Meet Michael Fabian

I am Michael, a 19 year old student from Bielefeld Germany. As a part of the EBBD (European Business Baccalaureate Diploma) I decided to do an internship in Malta. The main purpose of my internship was to apply my current economic knowledge and build on it further while gaining practical experience in business practices within different cultures and improving my English skills.


But why Malta?

It was very clear in my mind that I wanted my internship to be somewhere out of my comfort zone. I wanted to leave the familiar environment of Germany and its neighbouring countries to be able to learn more about different cultures.


Malta is not only a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean but also a place where many different cultures meet. Since I had never been to Malta or knew much about the island I was convinced that Malta would be the right place for me to do my internship.

What was your first impression of Malta?

My first impression of Malta was amazing. I was immediately impressed by the beautiful weather especially coming from Germany. As I left the airport with my suitcases it felt just like being on holiday.

I noted most artillery roads in Malta were old and many buildings were being built which led to chaos in the mornings and evenings when people were travelling to work or school.  However, this did not seem to affect the Maltese people as generally the culture is very laid back.  I imagine it is typical of an island atmosphere.  This was a big change for me coming from Germany and being accustomed to organization and purpose.

What is your experience with White November?

My internship at White November International Contracting has been great fun. The Company made a very good impression from day one.  I felt very comfortable immediately. Unlike my first impression with Malta, the Company has a very modern office which is very well organised. As a student of an economic high school, I had some basic knowledge of business administration which I was able to apply and build on during my internship. After a short time, I decided to focus on the Marketing Department. I enjoy working with figures and analyzing, therefore I was able to create and compare various marketing analyzes. In doing so, I had a lot of space how to present these analyzes graphically. This once again presented me with challenges.  On one hand, I had to present a comprehensive analysis which is meaningful and easy to understand, and on the other hand is not too long and wordy. However, I accepted these challenges and tried to master them.

Can you sum your  1 month Malta up?

My internship proved to be a very valuable experience. I could widen my economic knowledge while having an insight into a very interesting Company. In addition, I also gained cultural experience. During my internship, I lived with a host-family in Pembroke which was an experience in itself. It was especially interesting for me to learn other people’s views, values and way of life.


Michael Fabian
Michael Fabian
Marketing Intern