Our approach

White November International Contracting’s approach has always been, first and foremost, focused on compliance and offering compliant and flexible options for all our clients. Our dedicated teams are continually keeping up to date with changes in legislation and tax laws within each of the countries we work.

We are regulated by Maltese law, based on the Company Law of England and Wales, as well as the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) which also conduct yearly audits. We are also registered in the EU/EEA and therefore adhere to all European rules and regulations.

Relationship Managers

A dedicated Relationship Manager will be your single point of contact. If an account is deemed too large for one Relationship Manager, the account may be split to ensure that you get the attention you require.


To ensure the flow of contracts move quickly and efficiently through our system, we have brought in our own legal counsel instead of outsourcing one. This means that our legal team is completely dedicated to our business and to our clients.


Our accounts and payroll team calculate and ensure all the individual taxes for your contractors, specific to each country. They are on-hand to liaise with your own accounts department to ensure that all contractors are paid on time and process all payments and timesheets through our automated system.


Our compliance team are on hand to ensure that your contractors are fully compliant, up-to-date with all contracts and due diligence is completed in a timely, efficient and practical manner. They also ensure, alongside our in-house legal counsel, that WNIC’s services remain fully compliant amid a consistently evolving system.

Information Technology

IT systems have been built in-house to allow us to customise our reporting to suit our clients’ needs. Contracts are automatically created and sent out to contractors directly.


Our dedicated department will offer full support to all contractors, and be your point of contact for any queries or questions.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Malta office or submit a request online.


We take care of all of your business, accountancy, and tax related requirements with our fully complaint solutions, so you can focus on your career.

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End Clients

We take the stress of payroll and contractor management away from our End Clients through our wholly compliant employment and payroll services.

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Recruitment Agencies

WNIC have partnered with many recruitment agencies across Europe who take advantage of our fully complaint workforce, and our employment and payroll services.

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