Pros and cons of Contracting

Being a contractor is very different from being employed. Whilst contracting has great incentives it also carries some risks which you will need to take into consideration. There are several Pros and Cons of Contracting:


  • Contractors are normally paid a lot more than what a permanent employee would be paid. You would have more flexibility to negotiate your salary and overtime rates would be much higher.
  • You have the freedom to choose when you want to work, where you want to work, and who you want to work for.
  • Working for different companies in different locations either locally or within Europe will give you a wealth of knowledge and experience which will look great on your CV.
  • As a contractor are your own boss and you have control of your career. You also can control how much time you have off between contracts.


  • As you are your own boss you will need to make sure you are fully tax compliant and your taxes are paid correctly. This is particularly important if you will be working in another European country other than your home country.
  • As contracts are short term there is less job stability and financial security. There may not be another contract lined up straight after you finish your contract. However, if you are signed up to a recruitment agency, this may not be a problem.
  • Contractors also may have to work for long periods away from home and family.

How White November International Contracting can assist you?

At White November International Contracting we specialise in assisting contractors who are contracted to working in Europe. We ensure that all our contractors are fully tax registered. We can pay your income tax and social security contributions to the relevant tax authorities for you. At White November International Contracting We also make sure that all our contractors are legally compliant in the country that they are in. Whilst ensuring the contractor retains a good retention rate. We have an experienced and dedicated team who will assist you and take care of your tax and social security obligations.

So, if you are ready to join the world of contracting we are here to assist you. For more information, please get in touch with us at

Emily Cox
Support officer

Emily Cox is a support officer dealing with contractors working in Europe.