Which umbrella company to use?

Choosing an umbrella company may not be the easiest task when contracting in various parts of the globe. Here at White November, we want Contractors to feel at when working with their dedicated relationship manager. Here is our check list on areas to take into consideration when choosing the best umbrella company.

Fee structure

A contentious area between Payroll providers and Contractors. Check your salary projection quote/breakdown carefully to ensure the fees are carefully explained. Fees tend to vary depending on the type of set up. Our research from speaking to contractors discovered that a high-priced payroll option didn’t necessarily mean the contractor thought they were being taken advantage of. It was the net take home amount that counted at the end of the month. Check whether you will be charged a weekly/monthly fee.

Will you be charged when taking time off? It is good to make sure that a salary projection/breakdown is tailored to your requirements.

What is the payment frequency

You submit your time-sheet but how long does it take to getting paid? A contractor should always ask when they should be expecting payment to come through. Investigating the different types of payment options is also a must. White November can give many options relating to payments. Contractors should also bear in mind that it is not always up to the umbrella companies to decide when and how they get paid. The Recruitment agency and or end client is usually the one who decides when and how contractors get paid.

Does the umbrella company provide insurance cover

The ultimate client you work for usually require umbrella companies to be insured with Liability and Professional indemnity insurance cover. This is put in place to ensure contractors are adequately covered before starting any assignment. It is good to check if your specific trade is recognised on your Umbrella company’s insurance policy There could be such occupations that may be excluded from a blanket policy.

Extra Costs

Are there any costs hidden in the small print? It’s always a good to ask about all the fees involved including whether your salary projection is a no obligation quotation and whether there is a fee for resigning or being terminated. White November International Contracting do not charge any termination fees when resigning or if you are terminated from your contract.

Preferred Suppliers

The recruitment agency you work through most likely will have a preferred supplier list (PSL) of payroll providers they choose to work with. Recruiters set up PSL’s for many reasons such being able to control costs or they may be receiving a ‘kick back’ fee for recommending a provider.  This does not necessarily mean you should sign up with the choices offered. Research carefully ensuring any payroll provider you use is fully compliant on taxes in the country of work.


Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague. They will know first-hand how the process works and will be able to provide some comfort on the service standards that you should expect. Alternatively, you can always try to find reviews online on the company itself.

How White November International Contracting can assist you?

At White November International Contracting we specialise payroll solutions for contractors who are contracted to working in Europe and provides a full range of contract management and payroll service. We also make sure that all our contractors are legally compliant in the country that they are in. Whilst ensuring the contractor retains a good retention rate. We have an experienced and dedicated team who will assist you and take care of your tax and social security obligations.

We are currently working in a number of countries including; BelgiumCzech RepublicDenmarkFinlandFranceGermanyIrelandLuxembourgNorwaySweden and The Netherlands. If you are interested in finding out how easy we can make it for you to take that first step get in touch with one of our Relationship Managers for a chat.

Maria Camilleri
Relationship Manager